Wilderland Review – Netent Casino Online Game

The beautiful backdrops of the Wilderland slot machine make for an idyllic atmosphere, with enchanting designs and a soundtrack that’ll make your imagination run wild. The symbols on the reels include majestic foxes and elven princesses. You can also find jewelled rings and intricately designed squares. The wild symbol, the Elvin Princess, is the highest paying symbol in the game, offering a 240-times-wager reward for three or more of her symbols on the reels.

This slot is similar to Alchemy Gaming’s Goldar Guardians and Playtech’s Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest Attributes, but it’s a little bit less volatile. You’ll probably find yourself winning small amounts more often than big, but there are some rare jackpots as well. If you’re not looking for a massive payout, Wilderland is a great choice. This slot has a low volatility, making it a great option for those who don’t want to risk all their money.

While Wilderland’s enchanting world might catch your attention, its gameplay and graphics are underwhelming. While its fairy-themed theme may be appealing to some, it’s lacking in the excitement it promises. While the game offers a lot of potential, it’s best left to those who are not easily distracted. This is a great choice for players who want to have a good time while focusing on winning big.

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