Midnight Wilds


Midnight Wilds is a new video slot machine from Playtech that is part of their “Reality” series of slots. It is the first slot machine from Playtech that uses the Direct-Pix camera to display the light patterns on the slot machine’s screen. This new technology allows the casino games to be more visually appealing to the players. It also allows the casino games to be more technologically advanced, which is one of the reasons why it is getting more popular among the casino goers. Midnight Wilds offers different slots games including Big Top, Bonanza, Caribbean Island, Dave Dial Hard Rock, Dracula, High Stakes, Lotto, Poker, Roulette, Skill Stop, Snooker, Tower, Wheel of Fortune, and many more.

The video slot game play of Midnight Wilds has some interesting characteristics like the two-frame-laying, and the direct-pix camera technology. The two-frame-laying feature of the slot machine allows the player to choose the exact position of the reels without having to worry about hitting any other symbols on the paytable. The direct-pix camera allows the players to determine the positions of the symbols on the paytable by seeing the picture of the light patterns displayed on the video screen. With this technology, the graphics and colors are adjusted automatically based on the lighting condition at the time of playing the game. This feature also improves the players’ viewing experience and they get to enjoy the images and colors that are projected onto the screen.

In addition, Midnight Wilds has some attractive bonus features. There are several wild symbols that are featured on the video screens of the machines. These wild symbols do not have any effect on the actual results of the jackpot or the amount that a player wins but it is important for players to know these symbols. The icons that are displayed beside these wild symbols enable players to gain information regarding the different combinations that can be used in order to get the jackpot prize. Apart from the bonus features, Midnight Wilds also offers a number of promotional coupons and freebies which can be used to increase the odds of winning in the slot games.

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