Kingdoms Rise: Captain’s Treasure


Kingdoms Rise: Captain’s Treasure is a casino game developed by Kingsley Associates. Developed by gamers at Obsidian Games New York, it is a follow up to their successful MActor Quest: Pirates of the Burning Sea downloadable title. In this release the game has been completely redone and brought to new heights of graphical quality and gameplay. This highly themed pirate game offers many hours of pure entertainment, as well as being a wonderful social networking/micronome application as well.

Unlike many other similar slot games, this one offers more than just coins and points, although these are certainly important elements. Although the mechanics may look similar to others in the genre, the real draw to this slot game is the unique progressive jackpot that is offered at the end of each round of play. When the time comes, all players will be able to take advantage of this progressive jackpot to gain the highest prize, and this award stacks up every time you win. It is the aim of every pirate captain to lay his hands on this massive prize, however with a tight competition all trying to win this enormous amount of cash, only a few will ever have a chance at it.

In terms of graphics and sound, Kingdoms Rise: Captain’s Treasure is on the basic side, however it is presented in such a way that will most certainly appeal to any slot players who have played before. Not only does it look and sound good, but the user interface control scheme is easy to use and navigation. Another positive point about this release is the inclusion of various helpful add-ons such as guides, cheats, etc that will help players increase their chances of winning more frequently. It is also recommended that players use a mic to listen to voice commentary in case they need help deciphering particular terminology within the game.

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