Better Wilds


If you want to play the easiest casino games on your computer there is no other option than Better Wilds. This is a totally user-friendly version of casino slots that requires no downloading of any software and works perfectly on both Windows and Mac systems. With Better Wilds you get a variety of different jackpots including one for over a million dollars! This is a game that is easy to learn and gives you the chance to walk away with a ton of cash even if you only have a small bankroll.

The Better Wilds slot machine also comes with a bonus payout rate of: 5 reels, 8 rows, 4 columns and 20 pay lines. With the winnings to pay out from left to right, you should always have matching symbols on any of your paylines starting from reel 1 (on the right hand side). Stake levels in Better Wilds begin at only 5p per spin for small Microstakes players. This means that even when you don’t hit the top prize you will walk away with a good chunk of change.

For those of you who prefer to play a random casino game without having to be involved with betting or gambling there are also better, wild symbol options available. For example, if you prefer not to bet, simply use the wheel to choose the number, color, symbol, or combination that you want. These special features of Better Wilds make this slot machine one of the most popular on the internet. You can find Better Wilds online by typing “better wilds” into your search engine or going to one of the many websites dedicated to this game.

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