Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants


Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants slots is a new release in the ever-growing casino game genre. Developed by Cryptic Studios, the makers of Cryptologic adventures, this game promises plenty of gaming fun for fans of the Might and Magic series as well as novice gamers looking for something a little more challenging. Like the previous games in the series, Age of the Gods Norse, will be available for free on launch day, along with all subsequent expansions. I’ve played the single player campaign as well as the co-op scenarios and it’s fair to say that there isn’t a lot to master, nor a lot of replay value. However, if you’re interested in Norse, you won’t be disappointed.

As you would expect, much of the fun of this casino game is found within its theme. Age of the Gods, Norse gives you a look into the world of Norse mythology, allowing you to pit your wits against monsters, Odysseus, and other characters from the mythology. You’ll also find plenty to do, as each of the five reels in the game have their own objectives and levels, as well as a number of challenges associated with them. As you advance through the game, you’ll find yourself unlocking more characters, additional objectives, and even additional slots as you work your way through the story of Odysseus and his quest to return to Ithaca, where he belongs.

You’ll also enjoy the game’s single player and co-op action. If you like classic casino action with an added bit of strategy, this is a slot game that delivers on both counts. On my last visit to Cryptic Studios’ offices, I tried out the single player version with a handful of randomly selected friends and found that it wasn’t all that challenging, especially when compared to similar games on the market today. If you enjoy classic board games with a bit of strategy, then Norse: Gods and Giants should be a slot machine slot you don’t want to miss.

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