Adventure Trail


Adventure Trail is a new product from Playtech, where they are teaming up with their famous partner, Rarestone Gaming to create an awesome gaming experience for everyone. Adventure Trail is an online product of collaboration between Playtech and Rarestone gaming to deliver an online casino game that gives the feel of playing in a real casino. You are actually taking part in a live casino game, albeit through your computer monitor! The game offers an exciting non-stop action-packed virtual casino experience that challenges your wits and skill in a non-stop thrilling game that leaves you spellbound and at the end of the session leaves you with an exhilarating feeling that you want to share with others.

This game has a unique non-stop action-packed slot game where you are not only playing against the computer, but also against the slot machines. You have to play your luck card by rolling a six-sided die and choosing the number you want to match. When all the numbers are rolled up and placed on the designated slot machine reel, the machine will give you the amount you rolled – and the corresponding result. If the amount rolled is lower than the value on the reel, you will not get the expected jackpot. However, if the number you rolled is higher than the value on the reel, then you will get your expected prize. Apart from these, the other features of this slot machine include the 30 paylines and the free spin feature that give you endless amusement and fun.

The best adventure trail bonus feature of this slot game is the free spin feature that allows you to choose one of three different images and place it on your reel. When the image matches the reels and you get a payout, you will receive your prize. So try different options on this slot machine and increase your winnings on this slot machine. With the combination of the graphics and the exciting free spin option, Adventure Trail is surely one of the best casino slots to play in the town.

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