777 strike

In this review, I’m going to discuss how to play the online casino slot game called 777 Strike. With plenty of bright 7s and large 10s, this game is going to get you spinning with Free Spin and Win Spins. However, it doesn’t look that impressive when you first open it up. It also looks a bit old fashioned, with old-looking symbols that might remind you of older video poker table signs. Despite these flaws, the fact that it’s free and has hundreds of spins means that it’s definitely worth a look.

At first, the colours on the symbols on the screen may seem a little strange, but they soon become familiar to you start to pick up on the pattern. Although the screen is not always clear, the symbols are arranged in a very logical way, which makes it easy for you to see when you want to play a particular number. Although there are some minor faults with the graphics, it’s still a well designed game and most of the icons are easy to understand. Most people will probably ignore the small symbols on the lower right-hand corner, which is the jackpot symbols, but these can be helpful when you need tips on how to play the different slot games. There are also a few graphical oddities on the screen, but these shouldn’t pose any problem for most users.

One issue with the online slot games we’ve reviewed is that many casinos take too long to load. When playing 777 strikes, this problem isn’t too serious, but it can cause a few problems when trying to access the payout table or simply waiting for the game to start. The good news is that this game loads fast and doesn’t take long to load on many machines. Most other online slot games run quite smoothly and take less than 5 seconds to begin.

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